Intro to Somatics & Mutual Aid

Somatics offers us ways to come back into our bodies after trauma or oppression and develop new skills in how we interact with the world. In this short introductory workshop, we will explore some exercises that help us inhabit our own bodies and be more present and connected with other people.

Collective Liberation and Radical Mental Health

How do privilege, oppression and collective liberation relate to radical mental health? How can we create communities that support our mental and emotional health as activists? Does the undertaking of collective liberation recognize diversity in mental health experience?

Creating Spaces that Help Us Thrive: Preventing Burnout and Promoting Mental Health

No one is at their best when they are burned out or struggling with their mental health. Burnout is often institutional; we need our organizations to put in place structures that actively support the mental health of their members. In this workshop, we will share methods to recognize, address and change structural factors that contribute to burnout.

Dis-abilities, Diverse-abilities, and Dangerous Gifts Workshop

“It is so simply true, what disability justice is saying to social justice: a sustainable movement doesn’t leave any bodies or minds out. A sustainable movement doesn’t involve anyone destroying their body or pretending their body, or mind, is something other than what it is.” – Editors, Make/Shift Magazine Winter 2010.

Bent, Not Broken: Queer/Trans Lives and Mental Health

A community discussion of the intersections between queer and trans lives and experiences of emotional distress, “mental illness,” and healing.

Classes & Community Healing Groups

Stay tuned for my next offering of Cultivating Resilience: An Online Community Healing Group for Survivors and Other Miracles

You are not alone. In this transformative healing group, you will join a community of powerful survivors who have been through the fire and are navigating the mystery on the other side. Through a combination of weekly group video-calls, somatic practices, facilitated discussion, journaling, practice buddies, and optional one-on-one coaching, you will be supported in building more safety, connection, and resilience in your life.Are You Ready for Real Change?

  • Do you struggle being in your own skin? Do you want to return home to your body?
  • Do you want to get honest, get brave, and take the risk of really healing?
  • Do you want to befriend your old survival strategies while stretching towards new practices that give you more choice and freedom in your life now?
  • Do you want to feel powerful, resilient, and strong? To build these muscles in the company of others who are doing the same work?
  • Do you want to be part of a group facilitated by a politicized healer who is also a survivor, has been through this wild journey, and really gets it?

Ready to find out more?