Dealing with Triggers

A Free Introductory Somatics Workshop for Survivors and Other Miracles

In this free, trauma-informed space, we will gather to explore ways to deal with triggers - events that bring up old trauma, take us out of current time, knock us off center, activate our stress responses, and make life really heard.

Using a combination of experiential exercises and group discussion, we will examine ways to return home to our bodies and re-connect with our centered selves. We will look at triggers both in the context of long-term healing and short-term management strategies.  Participants will leave with a sense of possible paths forward, and concrete tools they can use.

Cairn in pool of water

Event Details:

When: Sunday October 15th, 2pm - 3:30pm

Where: Santa Fe Public Library, community room. 145 Washington Avenue, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Cost: Free!

A few notes about accessibility: the library is wheelchair accessible, and has accessible parking. PLEASE try to come as close to fragrance-free as you can; I am quite chemically sensitive, and would like to make the space more accessible to others who may also have sensitivities and allergies. Thanks so much!

Jacks McNamara somatic counselor and healer leaning on treeThis workshop will be facilitated by Jacks McNamara, a healer, teacher, artist, and writer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Jacks offers somatic coaching, intuitive counseling, and wellness mentoring to clients locally and across the world via Skype. Jacks loves to help all kinds of amazing people heal from trauma and transform their lives.