Support & Mentorship for Newer Queer & Trans Healing Practitioners

Tree silhouette painting by Jacks McNamaraI love to help folks find their way as they navigate the complexities of beginning and growing a politicized healing practice.

Issues I can help with include:

  • Adjusting to the emotional demands of being a professional care worker
  • Gently overcoming impostor syndrome
  • Aligning with your ethics and values while building a business under capitalism
  • Case consultation and informal “supervision,” with particular strengths in the areas of trauma healing, crisis support, bipolar disorder, gender exploration, navigating disability, and boundaries. Methodologies explored include parts work and somatics. Note: I am not a licensed therapist and cannot provide official supervision in any state.
  • Emotional support around the challenges of holding space for intense clients
  • Business coaching: the nuts and bolts of starting a practice, including marketing, building websites, writing about your work, setting goals, being accountable, and much more.

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What people are saying about working with me:

"Ancestor bell hooks offers us the necessary wisdom that 'love is an action.' With steadiness, intuition, and deep skill, Jacks has supported me to remember the truth of this love and to invite it to be at the heart of my therapy work. Jacks brings an integrity that has made space for the fear, imposter syndrome and shame that has emerged as a newer therapist with my own trauma history, while holding a wider frame that invites expansion into contradiction, hope and amazement. I deeply trust their leadership, and cannot recommend their consulting/mentorship offerings enough - especially for those of us with a dedication to liberation in and through our work. Thank you, Jacks!"

- Jay Tzvia Helfand, somatic therapist for trans movement workers and survivors

"What makes Jacks McNamara such a skilled mentor is their combination of hard earned life wisdom combined with the technical skills that can only be developed from years working as a somatic coach for people with complex trauma. Being supervised by Jacks in the early months of my own coaching practice has helped give me more confidence to engage with clients on their healing journeys, especially when I’ve felt stuck wondering how to move forward related to issues of unresolved trauma and abuse. Jacks never made me feel foolish for asking basic questions and was incredibly thoughtful in their assessments and feedback."

-S.D., Internal Family Systems coach

About Me:

In my work as a mentor and coach, I draw on 11 years in private practice as a trauma healing coach, and many more years of experience offering peer counseling, mutual aid, and advocacy through The Icarus Project, to help guide folks through struggles common in the early stages of working with clients. I also bring many years of lived experience as a queer, trans, trauma survivor and psych user into my work. Training modalities that inform my practice include generative somatics, Internal Family Systems, and the Resilience Toolkit. I am a member of the Generative Somatics Politicized Healers Network.

Logistics and Details:

Currently I am offering individual coaching sessions at $125 session, with discounts for 3 and 6 session packs that are paid in advance. I'm developing workshops and small group offerings that I plan to roll out this Spring. If you're interested in individual support, please use my contact form to request a free call. If you're interested in group offerings, please use my contact form and ask me to add you to my announcement list for when groups are ready to enroll. I look forward to working with you!

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